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Of Course Montréal!
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With the Games coming up in 2006 and its natural allure, Montréal is about to become one of the world's leading destinations for gay and lesbian tourists. I think that Montréal, over the next few years, will be a shining example of what being a leader in equality can do for a city. -Steven Goldstein

Steven Goldstein and Daniel Gross were married in Montréal on 1 September 2002.

  • Montréal is world-famous for being a gay-friendly, positive and open city, whose politicians actively support the hosting of international gay events (Black & Blue Festival, Divers/Cité Pride Celebration, the Village ArtFest, image nation Film Festival). Marketing efforts are already underway to target the global gay market to promote the city as a great gay destination;
  • The Montréal 2006 Organizing Committee receives the full and unconditional support (financial and moral) from the Governments of Canada and Québec;
  • The support of the lesbian and gay community, as well as the corporate sector and media organizations, has been tremendous. In fact, the majority of Montrealers have thrown their support behind the Games 100%;
  • Montréal is cost-effective, safe, gay-friendly, cosmopolitan and international, offering exceptional food, services and cultural offerings at extremely reasonable prices when compared to the US exchange rate, making it attractive beyond compare;
  • Montréal has a very gay-supportive political atmosphere, as demonstrated by the Federal and Provincial Governments through their adoption of Law C-23 and Bills 32 and 84, which recognize same-sex partners and their rights to civil union and adoption;
  • Participants who are HIV are allowed to visit Canada.
  • Montréal is easily accessible for a large number of participants by air, train, bus and car;
  • There will be easy and direct access to competition sites, thanks to the safe, fast and reliable métro.
Marriage Adoption Same fiscal advantages 
Québec  76.5% 57.1% 85.8%
Canada  65.4% 53.1% 74.5%

* Survey conducted 21 June 2001 by Léger Marketing for the Canadian Press



29 Jul 2006
29 Jul 2006